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The lightweight, compact CooKit panel solar cooker is the most widely-used solar cooker in the world. Made of cardboard and aluminum foil, simply unfold and clip in place to use. Directions in English are printed on non-reflective side. The CooKit was developed for wide use in refugee camps in 1995. The standard-size CooKit holds one black, covered pot (not included; see our "3-Pound (1.36 kg) Roaster"). Cooking temperature range is 180-240 F (82-116 C). Convenient for home, camping and emergencies. It folds flat to 13 by 13 square by 2 thick (33 x 33 x 5 cm). Includes clothespins for clipping, two retained-heat bags to trap heat, and a 12 page instruction booklet with recipes. Manufactured in over 25 countries.