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SolSource is a high-performance parabolic solar cooker that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking. Perfect for your garden, balcony, backyard or rooftop, it is an innovative way to BBQ, grill, steam, bake, boil or fry. Inspired by the problem of indoor pollution from household stoves faced by rural families in China, SolSource is the first of a growing range of products from One Earth Designs. A stable and sturdy steel frame with a highly corrosion resistant finish. Heat and rust resistant enameled potstand has angled ridges on one side to support the majority of standard cookware. High and low sun settings increase dish angle options for optimal use of sunlight at different times of the day and year. A foot-operated brake secures dish in high wind conditions. Legs remain locked outwards for easy moving of constructed SolSource, and folds down for convenient storage and transportation.

A safe user area offers access to cooking pot without the need to lean over the dish. A durable user handle is included for adjustment of dish angle, storage of cooking tongs, and ease of carrying dish when transporting. The SolSource comes with an alignment aid to enable a regular check of focus point without having to look underneath the pot. High performance patented panels maintain optimal performance of 85-90% reflectivity for over 6 years. The panels are removable for easy replacement of damaged panels without replacing the structural parts of the dish.

Cooking temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius), and you can adjust cooking temperature to your needs; Metal Frame [1.5m (Width) x 1.2m (Depth) x 0.94m (Height)], 14kg, Dish [1.3m (Diameter) x 0.28m (Height)], 4.5 kg.

On sunny days, the SolSource can:

  • boil 1 liter of water in 10 minutes,
  • reach grilling and baking temperatures in 5 minutes,
  • and searing temperatures within 10 minutes.


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